The Wilson Primary School

Performance Sport


Performance Sport has been providing inter school sports festivals across Reading for the last two years. Wilson children have benefited greatly from learning and developing new sports skills and attitudes alongside participating in fun yet competitive games.

The Performance Sports Group has developed from our cricket specialism, Performance Cricket. We are a team of passionate coaches committed to the development of young people and adults through a variety of physical education programmes and sport. We work with a host of schools and sports clubs in the Berkshire and South Oxfordshire area.

The benefits of sport and activity from a physical perspective are well known. As well as the physical skills and health benefits we focus a great deal on the mental and emotional skills that sport can improve. Sport teaches us the values of perseverance, tolerance, team work, humility, acceptance and responsibility to name a few.

The vision and mission of The Performance Sports Group is to play a role in reversing the decline in providing opportunities for all children to enjoy, take part, compete and have fun with their friends. Having fun with you friends is at the heart of everything we do.


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