The Wilson Primary School

Covid Information


Please see below on how we are keeping our children safe

Before and After school

  • Staggered drop-off and collection points and timings for each group have been timetabled in order to prevent large numbers of parents being in the playground and have left the site before the next group arrive.
  • Parents are reminded to leave once their children have entered through the gate or door.
  • Only one parent/guardian per child is permitted to drop off and pick up at each gate.


  • Classroom sizes are restricted to 30 maximum pupils, 1 teacher and TA plus any additional TAs for 1-1 pupil support (FS will be grouped as one ‘bubble’ in order enable effective staffing and use of FS outside area)
  • Pupils are kept in groups as they cannot socially distance themselves at all times;
  • The class group will not interact with other groups within the school;
  • Hand washing is completed on entrance to the class and between specific activities;
  • Disposable tissues are provided and pupils told to ‘catch it bin it’. Lidded bins in every class. Waste disposal managed by double bagging. Bins emptied every day.
  • Pupils are allocated resources and are not encouraged to share; Pupils bring in own water bottles. Water bottles are provided for those who do not bring them in.
  • Pupils are regularly reminded not to touch their or other students faces;
  • Classroom furniture has been reduced. 
  • Unnecessary cupboards and soft furnishings, soft toys and those with intricate parts have been removed and are not permitted. Displays will be used to a minimum. This is designed to enable successful and effective cleaning of all surfaces;
  • Each group will have their own playtime equipment
  • The same staff are assigned to each group each day.


  • Separate lunch break designated for each group.  Pupils will stay in these groups during lunch;
  • Lunch area cleaned before and after each group’s lunch.  Only one pupil will use a clean lunch space before it is cleaned again.
  • Groups will have their routes to the eating and play space. They will use the toilet before going out to lunch. If they have to use the toilet during lunch, a member of staff from their bubble will accompany them.

Moving around the school:

  • Movement to different areas within the schools is reduced as much as possible;
  • Suitable external doors are used to move students from one area to another. 
  • Where possible, all spaces are well ventilated using natural ventilation (opening windows) or ventilation units;
  • Additional furniture, coats, bags are not permitted in the school corridor;
  • Corridors are sterile environments and kept as clear as possible;

Break-times / playgrounds:

  • Separate times or areas (at a safe distance using government guidance) are issued for each separate class group.
  • Pupils are only permitted to complete suitable activities with their class group;
  • Large play structures will be blocked off.
  • Each group will have their own play equipment which is wiped down after each break.
  • Staff will remain in own groups and will rotate break duty.
  • First aid will be carried out in the play area during break and lunch for minor injuries by the staff on duty. Staff must ask pupils to wipe themselves if they can and if not they must wear gloves, mask and apron. For more serious injuries, pupils must be moved safely to the front office.


  • All those entering the school are required to wash/sanitise their hands;
  • Hand washing stations are located within each group designated toilet, and  on entry to the dining hall.
  • Toilets are designated for particular groups. One in one out routine and toilets are cleaned regularly through the day.
  • Signage is located adjacent to each wash station or sink reminding occupants to wash their hands and how to do it effectively;
  • Hand washing is recommended frequently and required as a minimum at the following times:
  • Entry and exit from the school;
  • After using the toilet;
  • On entry to the dining hall;
  • Before and after eating;
  • On entry and exit from each classroom.
  • Unnecessary touching of the face is discouraged.
  • Teachers will remind pupils to use tissues and bin them once used. 
  • Toilets and wash stations have single use paper towel for drying hand