The Wilson Primary School



Our curriculum should whisper to our children "you belong. You did not come from nowhere. You are one of us. All this came before you, and one day you too might add to it"

Ben Newmark


Our Curriculum

We believe that children have the right to learn the necessary knowledge and skills to become life-long learners. At Wilson Primary School, we are all learners together, using skills to acquire new knowledge and deepen our understanding of the complex world around us.

Through a rich and creative approach to the national curriculum, our children can make meaningful connections and build links across all areas of their learning.

Our curriculum ensures that our children develop the necessary skills and are offered regular opportunities to revisit and extend their knowledge and understanding in preparation for the next steps in their learning journey.

Our vison is to ‘Inspire Young Minds’ and we are proud that our curriculum allows our skilled staff to do just that. We want to enable children to become life-long learners who respect universal human values, are internationally minded and who have an acute awareness of themselves, their community and the ever changing world around them.

Four key elements

Our curriculum focuses on 4 key elements that we want our children to consider within their learning

  •   Learning – Children acquiring powerful and transferable knowledge.
  •   Application – Children recognising the impact knowledge has on them, their community      & the wider world.
  •   Opinion – Children using their knowledge to form opinions based on the key questions &      themes.
  •   Impact – Children using their knowledge to consider future impact and what role they          can play in that.

Topic Planning

Our topic planning is built around 5 key themes

   1.   Identity
   2.   Ambition
   3.   Land & Water
   4.   Conflict
   5.   Community
Topics are arranged into 2 year cycles with learning building upon what was taught in the previous Key Stage enabling a depth of understanding to be acquired and key skills to become mastered.