The Wilson Primary School

Key Stage 1


After completing the Foundation Stage, children enter Key Stage 1. 

A successful transition programme is carefully planned to ensure all children are able to access the Key Stage 1 curriculum successfully.

KS1 Children are encouraged to participate in all aspects of school life and have the opportunity to join a wide range of extracurricular activities and clubs, including a variety of sports, gardening and art.

Parents are encouraged to support their child’s development through regular reading and assisting with home learning projects. Progress is shared with parents at Parents Evenings in the Autumn and Spring Terms, with a detailed Annual report received in July. Other opportunities are planned throughout the year to provide information to support every child and to celebrate their learning.

Key Stage One Classes:

Year One Class Teachers – Ella Breach, Chantelle Grigg and Hayley Marr

Support Staff – Karen Hanarahan, Davinder Sandhu and Amelia Thompson

Year 2 Classes Teachers – Sarah Roth and Kath Herrington

Support Staff – Sue Tuckwell, Steph Mockford and Lynda Cooper