The Wilson Primary School

Foundation Stage


Young children have a natural desire to learn, explore and question and in our Foundation Stage at Wilson Primary we provide an environment that enables staff to capture the moment of engagement for each child.

We employ a 'planning in the moment' approach to allow us to do this. Adults look for the teachable moment or moment of engagement and join the children in their play, where we can introduce new skills and support them on their unique learning journey.

Foundation Stage at the Wilson incorporates a morning nursery, afternoon nursery and Reception classes.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework which outlines the 7 areas of development.

The Prime Areas of Learning are:

     •   Communication and Language - Speaking, Understanding and Listening and Attention

     •   Physical Development - Moving and Handling, Health and Self Care

     •   Personal, Social and Emotional development - Managing feelings and behaviour, Self-              confidence and Self-awareness, Making relationships.

The Specific Areas of Learning are:

     •   Mathematics - Number, Shape, space and measure

     •   Literacy - Reading and Writing

     •   Understanding the World - People and Communities, The World, Technology

     •   Expressive Arts and Design - Using media and materials, Being imaginative

Foundation Stage Classes

Foundation Stage Team Leader – Jo Goodwill

Nursery Class

Teacher – Jo Binks

Early Years Practitioner – Sarah Simpson

Support Staff - Doris Allimadi

Reception Classes

Teachers - Jo Goodwill and Jess Parry

Early Years Practitioner - Catherine Falconer

Support Staff – Ambareen Basa, Abida Saood, Amma Mahmood, Lucy Wright