The Wilson Primary School

Footsteps & Pathways

Class provision within the Footsteps Classroom

We recognise that for some children the transition from the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum to Key Stage 1 is a big one. Footsteps provides the next steps for children in our school who continue to need more specialist provision beyond the EYFS.

Footsteps provides a tailored classroom approach for children where they will be able to continue on a journey of personalised provision. Children attend in the morning and are part of their mainstream class in the afternoon. Footsteps provision provides ongoing support and monitoring for all children with ongoing assessment providing important information to understand need, drive progress and plan next steps.

Footsteps provision supports children through extending interventions provided within the EYFS as appropriate and bridging this with support that enables our children in the classroom. This may include using a workstation to complete supported and independent activities, developing speech through Speech and Language programmes and phonics, building fine and gross motor skills and supporting the early stages of writing. Building regulation and relationships will be the foundations of Footsteps provision.

Children may transition from Footsteps back into Mainstream Class through careful transition planning with their class teacher. Alternatively, children may continue on to further specialist provision including Pathways or Trails or remain within Footsteps provision.

Special Provision within the Pathways Classroom

Our Pathways classroom provides long-term specialist support for children within our school with complex needs relating to communication and interaction. Most of the children have a diagnosis of autism or are awaiting assessment.

Children attend Pathways class every morning but may spend time in their mainstream classroom for specific lessons with staff support.

Staff work closely with specialist agencies such as Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy and Educational Psychology to ensure that children have a highly tailored curriculum offer that builds independence and skills for life. Connections and relationships are at the core of all provision and the small group environment for children in Pathways enables children to share their specific interests and strengths and take part in carefully planned group activities. Children will learn to work independently at a Work Station and to use a visual timetable as appropriate.