The Wilson Primary School


Belonging but missing out

 We understand how important it is for our children to attend school every day. It creates a stable and predictable routine that enables children to feel safe and secure; children who feel safe learn more readily. 

Our school is a community and when children miss school, they miss out. We want every child to thrive and attendance plays a crucial role in each child fulfilling their potential.

We work closely with our families to ensure that any concerns around attendance are dealt with promptly and where needed sensitively. 

Attendance Support Workers work incredibly closely with senior staff to ensure a community led approach. 

Our attendance policy sets out our expectations around attendance and how we deal with absences. 

Attendance policy

Attendance letter to parents February 2024

Leave of Absence form

If you feel you would like to discuss your child's attendance, we would be more than happy to discuss this with you. Please book an appointment via the school office. 



190 School Days in Total

No. of lessons missed

No. of days absent

No. of weeks absent


100% attendance

190 days




96% attendance

180 days

50 lessons

10 days

2 weeks


95% attendance

179 days

55 lessons

11 days

Over 2 weeks

90% attendance

171 days

95 lessons

19 days

 Nearly 4 weeks


89% attendance

169 days

105 lessons

21 days

Over 4 weeks

85% attendance

161 days

145 lessons

29 days

Nearly 6 weeks